Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Attention young fashionistas! We are super excited to present you the cutest Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers line for summer 2013 that definitely all of you will adore!  So hurry up and make sure to check out the Vans x Hello Kitty sneakers 2013! This new line is going to be a season must have due …

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How to Potty Train your Toddler

Potty training is an important step in the life of a family, whether you call it toilet training or toilet teaching.
There are several tips to do this however the first task must be to evaluate whether your child is really for the next step.
With this you will ease your job, convincing a child…

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Tips for Organizing the Baby’s Room

Before the baby arrives, it’s very important to solve some problems first – after his arrival, your time will be fully dedicated to your little offspring.Buying clothes, baby products and, of course, organizing your baby’s room.
Here are some helpful tips:

The dresserYour…

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How to Choose Your Baby’s Name

Our first name is an important part of our personality. Choosing one for our unborn baby becomes a major task.The influence that our name has on our social and private life has been a topic for the French psychologist, Nicolas Gueguen. Here’s what he thinks about it:

Short first names…

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Maternity Fashion – What to Wear When Pregnant

Just because you are dressing for two now, it does not mean you have to completely change your personal style.
You can still look just as hip and trendy now that you are pregnant.
Many celebrities don’t lose their style or fashionable look while pregnant, and you shouldn’t…

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Nail Polish Color and Skin Tone

Skin tone is one of the factors that should serve as the basic guideline when opting for a special makeup. However, if you want to improve your beauty skills, it is time to find out that to accentuate a certain nail polish tone it is necessary to take into account the shade of your complexion….

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Manicured Nails at Another Level

Well groomed and sophisticated nail designs are in such high demand these days because they look extraordinary. The cosmetic industry has evolved so much even in the manicure department that it is hard to imagine.
No more boring and simple designs, no more glue on nail tips you can now get…

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