3 Chic Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Side ponytails are incredibly versatile hairstyles for medium-length to longer hair. For a hotter look you can add messy curls, twists and braids to turn even the simplest side ponytail hairstyles into real fashion statements. If you’re only going out with friends, then straight side ponytail ha…

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6 Tried and Tested Products For Curly Hair

Photo by Keystone Press

What do Solange and Scary Spice have in common? They both serve as hair saviours for a generation of young women.  As a mixed Bajan-Polish-Canadian kid growing up in the suburbs, there weren’t a lot of curly-haired icons out there for me to emulate. I longed for Denise Hu…

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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Brides

Congratulations! You are finally getting married. However, after the excitement comes the tedious and stressful wedding preparation. Although it is already tiresome enough to plan a wedding, always bear in mind that you should be the prettiest on your wedding day. Hence, you should take time in…

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Short Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women

Women who are invited to a great wedding parties and look for a fantastic hairstyle, may get inspired from the following short wedding guest hairstyles.
1. Twenties Wavy Hairstyles
Wavy hairstyles in a retro style will provide you a glamorous look at the wedding party. To get this amazing look,…

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Medium Prom Hairstyles 2013

To have a gorgeous prom look is obligatory for girls, as they should always draw attention. Each girl should have an astounding, super-stunning and shock causing appearance. It refers both to the hairstyle and the outfit. Here we come up with the best medium prom hairstyles 2013 for girls. Girls…

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Boho Hairstyles for Women

Women who are for boho style should follow special tips for a perfect look. To create boho hairstyles is not so difficult. You just need special tools and tricks. We will bring several essential tips for you to be able to create boho hairstyles for women.
Turn your dull straight hair into pretty…

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Weave your Way through Bohemian Waves

Boho waves hair are  so hot especially that most of us will definitely hit the beach in the summer. Boho waves are not just in for the season as this hairstyle can go for a year, regardless of the season. Getting the right curls can be difficult without the perfect tools. Tousled, lazy beach …

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