3 Chic Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Side ponytails are incredibly versatile hairstyles for medium-length to longer hair. For a hotter look you can add messy curls, twists and braids to turn even the simplest side ponytail hairstyles into real fashion statements. If you’re only going out with friends, then straight side ponytail ha…

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Best Celebrity Cropped Hairstyles to Get Inspired by

Seeking for a modern and fresh hairstyle? If you have already made up your mind to chop your long tresses, you had better get inspired by the best celebrity cropped hairstyles posted below.
1. Anne Hathaway’s Cropped Hairstyle
The great actress decided to chop her hair for an important role. She …

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Best Runway Inspired Fall 2013 Hairstyles

Autumn is the season of humidity and heavy rains, and the best time to say no to straight hair and stick with natural looking curls and textured hair. From the first sight you may think that this idea restricts your options, but here we have some cute curly hairstyles that will definitely prove…

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How To Choose Earrings For Face Shape

Some of us girls feel naked when we go out of our house without wearing even teeny weeny earrings. That’s how important accessories to us. However, choosing the right earrings for your hairstyles outfit of the day. Below are some earring tips worth taking note for:
How to choose earrings for fa…

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Women Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

You are not recommended washing your hair every day. Thus, the next day your hair will be greasy. Here are several perfect women hairstyles for greasy hair. Make up your fantastic choice among them.
Ponytails in a Classic Style
This hairstyle is ideal for greasy hair. It will provide you with an…

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Lily Collins’ Best Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Lily Collins has always amazed us with her splendid hairstyles and hair colors. She owns all the best qualities, such as talent, charm and elegance. You may always get inspired by Lily Collins quite astounding looks, creating her various hairstyles and hair colors.
Lily Collins Best…

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Spring/Summer 2014 Hairstyle Trends from Fashion Week

Spring/summer 2014 runway represents new and gorgeous hairstyles. Here are the best hairstyles from Fashion Week. Get inspired by the following spring/summer 2014 hairstyles from Fashion Week!
Braided Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week
Braided hairstyles are always in trend. You will look…

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