Top 50 Most Stunning Wedding Nail Art Designs

So the big day is closing in and you are striving to look perfect? No wonder, being a beautiful, perfect bride is the dream of any girl. The way to perfection requires lots of time and preparation, but the final result is definitely worth it! After all, it’s so exciting to go to bridal salons w…

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Erica Bianchini, Luxe Jewellery’s Rock Star

Silk-Glove Treatment: Bianchini (artist moniker Mme. Ecksand) inspects a ring; Ecksand’s tight displays turf the antiquated model of dated pieces gathering dust. Photo by Alexi Hobbs

Three years ago, Erica Bianchini, now 27, found herself with an economics degree from McGill and zero interest i…

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Lady Gaga’s Most Eccentric Outfits

Lady Gaga is famous for her eccentric outfits. She always dresses in an extraordinary way and makes everybody pay attention to her. Whenever we hear Lady Gaga, we can’t imagine some ordinary looks, if not elaborate, eye-catching and what’s more daring and edgy outfits. Take a look at Lady Gaga’s …

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