3 Chic Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Side ponytails are incredibly versatile hairstyles for medium-length to longer hair. For a hotter look you can add messy curls, twists and braids to turn even the simplest side ponytail hairstyles into real fashion statements. If you’re only going out with friends, then straight side ponytail ha…

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6 Tried and Tested Products For Curly Hair

Photo by Keystone Press

What do Solange and Scary Spice have in common? They both serve as hair saviours for a generation of young women.  As a mixed Bajan-Polish-Canadian kid growing up in the suburbs, there weren’t a lot of curly-haired icons out there for me to emulate. I longed for Denise Hu…

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Elegant Braided Knot Tutorial

Are you looking for a new elegant hairstyle which you can make yourself in only few minutes? have you ever felt you don’t have the time or the money to spend on new hairstyles when attending an event? well, I believe we have all felt under pressure at least once in our lives; but today I am g…

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Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial

If you strongly wish to make an exclusive and ideal hairstyle, then this fishtail ponytail hairstyle will be a perfect variant for you. It’s very modern and stylish. Besides, it’s very easy to make.
If you are interested, read the following steps and learn how to get your desired hairstyle:

How …

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Loose Buns: DIY Chic-non Hairstyles

Are you looking for an easy to do hairstyle for a formal event? Why not try to create a hairstyle on your own? Save some time and money visiting the salon and master some few steps in creating chignons hairstyles. Chignons, also known as buns, are one of the most feminine and elegant hairstyles…

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Best Hairstyles to Wear to Work

Perhaps, you don’t want to spend much time on your look but you desire to wear a chic hairstyle while going to work. Here are the best hairstyles you may pull off to work. Get inspired by the following trendy hairstyles, which are quite easy to create. They will surely provide you with a s…

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Scarves Hairstyles: Style for All Seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, any of these seasons, scarves just become so handy. Yes, they are… say what? Who on earth would want to wear scarf around their neck in this sweltering summer season? Well, I only said scarves are handy, I did not say that they should be necessarily be worn around …

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